Civics activities

Civics organization Co-design workshop

The first workshop on 9th September 2017, attended by 20 participants from ten civic structures (Forum of Cape Flats Civics, De Waterkant Civic, Phillipi Horticultural Association, Observatory Civic Association – OCA, Woodstock Residents Association, Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance – GCTCA, Princess Vlei Forum, Fish Hoek Valley – RRA, Electricity Tariffs Must Fall, District 6 Working Committee) brainstormed broad principles for a manifesto that could help to guide the process going forward. These are presented in this document as a series of discussion points, all focused on what we would as Civics like to see contained in a future bylaw on participation. The idea is that we will hold a series of workshops with broader civic membership, supported by some key pieces of research and informed by solid legal opinion, to further develop this document as a manifesto. This will enable us to then approach City officials who might be amenable to this proposal and to draw on other resources available to us. The Development Action Group – DAG have, for example, indicated their willingness to support the initiative, where they can, and we will try to tap other useful research and legal support. (click here for minutes and materials)


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